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The blossoming of a new journey

The blossoming of a new journey


By “Grace”

Hello, student pharmacists! I will be detailing my APPE experiences in this column over the next year. I will write anonymously under the name “Grace,” and then share my identity at the end of my writing period. I am excited to reflect on and share my honest feelings and experiences with the trials that final year brings. My personal goal is to always try my best and get the most out of my APPEs.

Recent rotation recap

I first want to say that I love final-year rotations so far! The hands-on experience and growth have been exciting and rewarding. I moved to a different city in my state to be a part of a scholars program offered by a health system known to focus on teaching. I knew I wanted to be in an environment that is welcoming for learners, and I am glad I am here. For my internal medicine rotation back in May, I would work up my patients and share my treatment plan with the team. If you are ever in a similar environment, I challenge you to not be afraid to speak up and create relationships with your team.

Then, the following June my population health rotation started, and I directly spoke to patients about medication adherence. The skill of speaking over the phone was a weakness of mine that I was able to practice. Another impactful service that the population health team offers is home visits, which occur with patients that seem to have a higher risk of hospital readmission and possible barriers to medication adherence. I was able to experience two home visits that I will never forget. There is no clearer way to see and help the patient than being right next to them and seeing where they have their medications set up. We were able to remove discontinued medications that the patient was accidently taking. If anyone has the opportunity to help a patient in their home, I highly recommend the experience.

Mental health month

July was my off-block, which was refreshing. I spent quality time with friends and family. It is easy for student pharmacists to feel overwhelmed, stressed, or lose motivation when times get difficult. I would like to challenge all of you to take some time for yourself. Revisit your favorite hobby or something that makes you feel rejuvenated. Self-care is very important.

For our Preceptor Feedback author

What advice would you give to student pharmacists who are nervous about their performance in school due to how COVID-19 has affected their education?

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