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Pharmacy history at your fingertips
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Pharmacy history at your fingertips

APhA publication names have changed over the years, but the content has remained informative and timely for APhA members.

By Tom English

When the subject of pharmacy history comes up in conversation, my first impulse is always to open up APhA Historian George Griffenhagen’s fantastic book 150 Years of Caring: A Pictorial History of the American Pharmaceutical Association. When I flip through the pages, I marvel at how far the profession and APhA have come over the years. Then I focus on my favorite part, which is the section on APhA publications.

It is interesting to read about the name changes of APhA publications over the years, including that of your student magazine, with titles suchs as SAPhA News, The Pharmacy Student, Pharmacy Student, and now the current, Student Pharmacist. Reading George’s book again recently also made me realize I am the longest-running editor of APhA’s student publication, a career milestone of which I am most proud. This special 50th anniversary issue is sure to be another source of pride, and your APhA Student & New Practitioner Development knows you will enjoy every page of this APhA–ASP retrospective.

Golden anniversary lineup

Just like perusing a history textbook in high school, you will recall the names of many of the people highlighted in this anniversary issue, yet some will be new and exciting to learn about. These pharmacists inspire you. They inspire me. They are the reason this Academy has excelled for half a century and will continue to do so for years to come. We have an all-star lineup of authors who will regale you with their stories and historical facts.

For starters, beginning on page 4, there is a 10-page compilation covering from how things got started in Montreal back in 1969 to modern day APhA–ASP. Then check out the “The journey continues” on page 15. Here you will read stories of women who have made significant  contributions to the profession and APhA–ASP. They have also had an enormous impact on my career at APhA. 

There’s words of wisdom from Lucinda Maine, the 2019 Remington Honor Medal recipient who taught me everything about pharmacy when I was a young reporter for Pharmacy Today; Nancy Alvarez, Immediate Past APhA President and my buddy at Annual Meeting new practitioner events; Stephanie Phelps, the legendary APhA–ASP Chapter Advisor; Vibhuti Arya, whose smile and determination I watched lead her from Region 1 Midyear Regional Meeting (MRM) election success to APhA–ASP National President; and many more. 

Our current and immediate past APhA–ASP Presidents—Michael Murphy and Nimit Jindal—combined for an informative article on APhA–ASP presidential themes, which begins on page 21. They mesh like Han Solo and Chewbacca, but the jury is still out on who’s who. 

A special reprinted article appears on page 26. Written by Ron Williams, a former APhA staff member, for the  Autumn 1981 edition of The Pharmacy  Student, the column focuses on the next 50 years of the profession. While he did not have a crystal ball, Ron was quite prescient. 

There are also fantastic commentaries on APhA–ASP patient care projects, a cool Q&A with Tom Menighan and Kelli Jo Welter, and a slew of turn-back-the-clock articles.

Always remember that this is a profession that pays if forward. Be motivated by not only your mentors, but also the pharmacy heroes who have blazed the path for APhA–ASP and the profession over the past 50 years. Then, after graduation, you become the mentor. Get active in the New Practitioner Network, in one of our other two Academies (APhA–APPM or APhA–APRS), and on the state and community levels. And lead where you stand.

This one’s a keeper

Of the numerous changes in the past 50 years, the internet is a major one for your generation. While you get a lot of your information via Twitter and Facebook, and hard copy publications might be a thing of the past, you will want to save this special issue of Student Pharmacist. Keep it, cherish it, and we look forward to the 60th anniversary of this amazing Academy.

As always, good luck with your studies. And stay tuned as we share more anniversary coverage and Academy milestones throughout the year, both online and in print. 

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