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Personal and professional growth through APhA–ASP
Dr Marie Sartain

Personal and professional growth through APhA–ASP


(Ngoc Phuong) Mai Le is a second-year PharmD candidate at MCPHS University School of Pharmacy–Boston.

My eyes widened when I heard the 2018 APhA–ASP MCPHS chapter president announce my name at the second general meeting. Given that I had only been on campus for 1 month, as a freshman I was not expecting at all to be named APhA–ASP Member of the Month. I was overwhelmed with happiness and pride as I walked toward the stage to receive the APhA–ASP Member of the Month award for dedication to our committees. That was when I knew APhA–ASP would be my next “pharmily.”

Amazing opportunities

When I started with APhA–ASP, I did not know it was the largest organization for student pharmacists at MCPHS, with more than 80 annual patient care and community events. Although I am also involved in multiple other clubs and organizations, APhA–ASP has always stood out to me in a special way. I have volunteered for every event after receiving APhA–ASP email updates, from the flu shot clinic, Vampire Cup blood drive, and teddy bear clinic, to the pediatric Halloween party.

For the past 2 years, I have worked with the university to oversee and coordinate more than 120 events at our chapter and attended the APhA–ASP Midyear Regional Meeting as well as the 2021 Annual Meeting & Exposition. I have met multiple talented and passionate student pharmacists who have become my mentors, friends, and inspiration to continue my passion for the pharmacy profession and the organization.

APhA–ASP has provided me many opportunities for personal and professional growth. Running for the position of chapter president-elect was a large step out of my comfort zone. I remember spending days practicing my speech and talking to my family about my decision. I was glad I took the leap, as I would not have traded this opportunity for anything else.

The 2021 APhA–ASP Summer Leadership Institute, albeit virtual, was a rewarding experience for me to meet student pharmacists from other chapters and find inspiration in others’ personal stories. As a global-oriented student pharmacist with a Vietnamese background, I immediately connected with the theme “Unity in Diversity,” as it embraces diversity, inclusion, and equity for pharmacists, student pharmacists, and patient care.

I am more than excited and ready to give back to APhA–ASP by inspiring future student pharmacists to get involved in our chapter community outreach and patient care activities!

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