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Bringing a summer of recharging into the school year

Bringing a summer of recharging into the school year


Nicole Glatz is a third-year PharmD candidate at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy.

Last school year provided many opportunities for self-reflection and growth, but by the time spring arrived, I was ready to recharge. For me, summer was the perfect time to relax, worry less about school, and reconnect with some of my initial reasons for becoming a pharmacist.

On the road

Traveling has always been a passion of mine, but I have not been able to get on the road for the last year and a half. Once the COVID-19 vaccine was more readily available, it was time to connect with many friends and family in person and explore new places.

I was able to visit my family in Florida to celebrate my birthday and explore the state of Maryland for the first time. I even picked my own Maryland crab at my friend’s house for her graduation dinner! It took a lot of work to pick out the meat, but it tasted pretty good once I finally got the crab open. Breaking your routine can help you recharge. My goal for this year is to take opportunities to travel during the school year, even just for one night, because it can impart a sense of renewal and a break from a busy schedule.

Making someone's day

Over the summer, I had the chance to get more involved with the local Habitat for Humanity chapter and help paint playhouses for one of Habitat’s upcoming events. It was a great experience to get more involved in the community and to know that I was helping to make someone’s day a little brighter. Pharmacists interact with many people each day and can bring a smile to someone who is struggling. Volunteering is a good reminder of how you can have a positive impact on another’s day. Getting involved with a local food bank or Habitat for Humanity chapter can be great ways to volunteer throughout the year.

Rotations and shadowing

Rotations over the summer can help demonstrate what you learned in class. It surprised me how much more confident I feel on rotations now compared to my first year. My rotations also reinvigorated my passion for pharmacy because I was able to help with patient care and solve real-world problems.

These experiences demonstrated the importance of shadowing and seeing what pharmacy looks like outside of a classroom. Seeking out opportunities to shadow this school year can solidify learning and reconnect us to our reasons for attending pharmacy school.

Although saying goodbye to summer is difficult, reuniting with passions outside of school can help us feel fulfilled and remain energized throughout the year.

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