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Addressing the mental health concerns of service members Addressing the mental health concerns of service members

Addressing the mental health concerns of service members

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Mental health is a hot topic of discussion within the health care community. More people are gaining access to, and taking advantage of, mental health services. As such, pharmacists will have an active and increased role in the treatment of patients going forward. The U.S. Armed Forces is a great example of this model as they have provided pathways for thousands of service members to address mental health issues.    To better frame this discussion, I interviewed a pharmacist and two student pharmacists (who are all either current or former members of the U.S. military) on...
Survey says! Survey says!

Survey says!

APhA staff members Gina Scime and Rob Hodges, along with a service dog, at the JFPS 2015 bookstore. Have you ever participated in a survey or...
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Local chapter, global outreach Local chapter, global outreach

Local chapter, global outreach

Patients waited in a long line to receive health care from the Global Brigades team. Nicholas Paulson: “Student pharmacists gave medical...
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Dispense compassion, not judgment Dispense compassion, not judgment

Dispense compassion, not judgment

You may not give a second thought as you dispense an antihypertensive medication to an elderly patient. It makes sense, nothing out of the...
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Learn. Inform. End the stigma. Learn. Inform. End the stigma.

Learn. Inform. End the stigma.

Pharmacists have the opportunity to serve patients from diverse backgrounds who have unique patient care needs, both physically and mentally....
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De-stress for success De-stress for success

De-stress for success

In October, Daniel Galipeau (fourth from right) participated in the 2017 APhA 5K Fun Run/Walk at APhA headquarters in Washington, DC. It is...
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Some “Wise” stress relievers

Yoga enthusiast Caitlin Wise reaps the holistic benefits of the Tree Pose in New Delhi, India. Stress is something that every student pharmacist will experience. I wrote this article at my desk, coffee in hand, after a 14-hour work day with many projects still to do, while multi-tasking two computer screens, a desk of papers, and a phone call with my friend who said, “I never hear...

Understanding mental health disorders in order to empathize with patients

I am a student pharmacist, like you, and I have struggled with mental health for most of my life. I suffered from depression during high school and have had generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) for as long as I can remember. I used to be ashamed that I had these conditions. I now see that my shame was because of society’s perception and the stigma around mental health...

The true reward

MCPHS University –Boston APhA­–ASP Chapter members lead a handwashing demonstration for kindergarten and first graders at a local grammar school. After speaking with college students about flu vaccine benefits, a student said to me, “Isn’t the flu shot only 60% effective this year, so there’s no point in getting one?” I replied, “Well, not...

Figure skater turned pharmacist

As a child, I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, gliding along the ice, spending hours at ice rinks, and chasing the Olympic dream of being a competitive figure skater. I competed in both singles and pairs skating. During my figure skating career, my partner and I qualified for five U.S. National Competitions and one international event. 
 In high school, while preparing for the competition that...

My SEP experiences in Germany and at home

In the summer of 2014, I embarked on the opportunity of a lifetime. I was selected to take part in the APhA–ASP/ International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF) Student Exchange Program (SEP). Prior to joining my university’s IPSF chapter, I was unaware that I would have the opportunity to travel to a foreign county while learning more about becoming a great...

The warm heart of Africa

When I found out about the new Global Pharmacy Scholars (GPS) program at my school, I knew I had to apply. The GPS program was created so that fourth-year University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Eshelman School of Pharmacy student pharmacists could spend 1 month on a rotation abroad. I was excited to step outside my comfort zone, travel, and learn about pharmacy in another part of the...

Take a walk on the business side of pharmacy

I peered through the glass doors as I anxiously waited for them to open. Once they did, bold colors and personalities welcomed me into the Sam’s Club corporate world. I walked straight to the fourth floor and looked for my team in the maze of cubicles. I had no idea what to expect as a summer intern at Sam’s Club Health and Wellness in Bentonville, AR. 
 I never thought about...