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Long live your legacy! Long live your legacy!

Long live your legacy!

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My heart thumped with anticipation as the APhA–ASP National Executive Committee (NEC) stood together on the dark stage, the cheers growing louder. As we power-posed, the lights began to flash. With every flash, I remembered those I met throughout my APhA–ASP journey—the patients I counseled through Operation Heart, the lifelong friends I made at the Midyear Regional Meetings and Annual Meetings, and the first group hug we shared as national officers. It was powerful, sentimental, and hopeful all at once. It was a moment I wish I could have lived in...
Our IDEAL school of pharmacy Our IDEAL school of pharmacy

Our IDEAL school of pharmacy

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The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) School of Pharmacy is home to a diverse population of students and provides enriching opportunities. The city of El Paso is bordered by Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, with an estimated total population of more than 2 million people. El Paso and the surrounding border region is critically underserved in the...
Celebrating legacies Celebrating legacies

Celebrating legacies

Valerie Ruehter, PharmD, BCPP, (center) of the University of Missouri–Kansas City, receives the APhA–ASP Outstanding Chapter Advisor...
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Embrace Your Calling Embrace Your Calling

Embrace Your Calling

“Why do you want to go to pharmacy school?” I remember first hearing those words as a pre-professional student pharmacist, sitting...
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Your pharmacy “New Year” Your pharmacy “New Year”

Your pharmacy “New Year”

I attended my first APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition during my second professional year as a student pharmacist in 2014. When I walked into...
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Why I’m returning for my second annual meeting Why I’m returning for my second annual meeting

Why I’m returning for my second annual meeting

As I reflect on the 2017 APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition in San Francisco, I can vividly recall experiencing a variety of emotions before,...
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What keeps me coming back What keeps me coming back

What keeps me coming back

While making travel arrangements to head to Nashville for APhA2018, I realized I would be attending my fifth APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition....
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Achieving and maintaining e-professionalism Achieving and maintaining e-professionalism

Achieving and maintaining e-professionalism

The term e-professionalism, or electronic professionalism, means to act and behave in a professional manner on electronic or digital platforms.1...
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Research: It’s within your reach

I would like to talk about research. Many student pharmacists cringe when research is mentioned and will tell me they have no interest in pursuing a project. It can often feel out of reach for a variety of reasons. You may connect the term research with the work you did in organic chemistry lab or huge drug trials you read about during therapeutics. While these are indeed research, they are...

The value of ethics coursework

Imagine you are a pharmacist working on an interdisciplinary team that is treating a patient for severe opioid dependence. The idea arises to treat the addiction by slowly replacing the active drug with an inert substance, such as lactose, without the consent of the patient. As the pharmacist, it is your responsibility to compound these capsules where the amount of active drug is slowly...

Things are getting hectic

Welcome back as we journey through these last few months of pharmacy school. As APPE rotations are winding down and graduation is nearing, there is more excitement than I am capable of describing. Close to a decade of college and professional school and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. And let me tell you something, I have never been more excited to wear that poufy,...

Pharmacogenomics in practice

As an undergraduate student in my genetics class, I pondered if the subject would actually have applications in pharmacy school. Between memorizing the stop codons and making sure not to confuse meiosis with mitosis, genetics was a challenging class. While I enjoyed it, I never made the connection to how it applied to pharmacy practice because it largely focused on inherit genetic conditions....

Exercise leadership during rotations

How many times have you tried to get in touch with a prescriber to sort out an issue regarding a prescription, only to be on the receiving end of the following phrase, “I am paging the physician right now for you?” Does this sound familiar to you? Well, if you are like me, then you would probably dread hearing those words because they usually mean that the issue will not be...

On a mission to transition care

“I can’t afford that medication, but I need something to help me.” A patient, “John,” had been recently seen for Irritable Bowel Syndrome with constipation in the emergency department, where he received a new prescription. When he went to his pharmacy, he was told that his insurance did not cover his new medication. It was several days before he came in to see his...

A year of telling stories

March in San Francisco was warmer than I expected, being used to the chill back home in Ohio. As the 2017 APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition was nearing its last day, I could feel spring coming and a rejuvenation of our community. As I finished the last line of my speech during the final session of the APhA–ASP House of Delegates, I watched the ripple move over the crowd as my fellow...