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Online Exclusive: Avoiding FOMO and other career advice Online Exclusive: Avoiding FOMO and other career advice

Online Exclusive: Avoiding FOMO and other career advice

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Welcome back. I, and my colleagues, hope you enjoyed the article on nontraditional avenues of pharmacy practice in the January-February issue of Student Pharmacist. Now, as promised, we have some advice for you about exploring your interests and the profession.  You are an individual I have done my due diligence when it comes to really thinking about what makes me happy, regardless of the time, money, or perception of my classmates and peers. That said, just as every patient is different, every pharmacist and student pharmacist is an individual. Some practice settings may be...
Online Exclusive: Next steps Online Exclusive: Next steps

Online Exclusive: Next steps

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As I left off before the holidays, I had just wrapped up my last pharmaceutical industry fellowship program interviews at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exposition. A silent cloud fell over the life of “Ami” as employers regrouped to discuss the next steps for their candidates. I was walking along Santa Monica pier when I...
Online Exclusive: Trust the process Online Exclusive: Trust the process

Online Exclusive: Trust the process

Hi Ami! It sounds like you have had an exciting and meaningful experience at Midyear and throughout the interview process. My number one piece of...
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Pharmacy history at your fingertips Pharmacy history at your fingertips

Pharmacy history at your fingertips

When the subject of pharmacy history comes up in conversation, my first impulse is always to open up APhA Historian George Griffenhagen’s...
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The journey continues The journey continues

The journey continues

When APhA–ASP, previously the Student American Pharmaceutical Association (SAPhA), was born in 1969, it created a home for student...
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A call to action for student pharmacists

In 1998, APhA–ASP National President Jay Phipps developed the first official APhA–ASP presidential theme “Bridging Dreams to Destiny” and established a precedent that would become the defining identity for so many student pharmacists. Since then, each national president has been tasked with the same responsibility: to lay out their vision and unite student pharmacists...

A look back at the history and impact of APhA–ASP patient care projects

During their first business meeting, the 2009–10 APhA–ASP National Executive Committee (NEC) updated the APhA–ASP mission statement to include the phrase “to improve patient care.” While it might not have officially been written until then, the one theme that has stayed a part of APhA–ASP since the beginning is “service.” 

Looking ahead to the next 50 years

As noted elsewhere in this issue, 1981 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the organization of the first American  Pharmaceutical Association chapters on the campuses of our schools and colleges of pharmacy. It is an appropriate time, then, both to look back at the significant achievement of our chapters since 1931 and to assess where we should be heading in the next half...

Celebrate the past … Envision the future

If APhA–ASP ceased to exist, would our communities miss us? Would our patients miss us? Even further, would the profession miss us? As the APhA Student and New Practitioner Development Staff spent time researching and delving through the APhA archives for the 50th anniversary celebration this year, I have contemplated that question several times over.  However, I didn’t...

Where Are They Now?

Mark A. Pulido (University of Arizona) 1975–76 SAPhA Vice President I am an advisor, investor, and philanthropist who brings leadership expertise in health care and technology. I am the former CEO and Chairman of ABILITY Network, acquired by Inovalon, a private equity investor and advisor. Prior to that, I led several of the most prominent health care and technology companies in the...

Online Exclusive: Time management tips to relieve stress

Since you all have been trying to start the spring semester and new year on the right foot, I thought it would be beneficial to share some helpful insights and tips on time management that has alleviated some stress for me so far in pharmacy school.  1. Get a head start It can be difficult to manage time between school, work, extracurricular activities, and making time for...