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Pharmacists can monitor list of recalls that FDA is updating

FDA on Thursday withdrew a proposal that would have opened up generic companies to possible product-liability lawsuits over drug safety. The agency had proposed a new federal rule in 2013 that would have allowed people to hold generic-drug companies legally liable for the side effects of medicines.

Calls on states to consider changes to scope-of-practice statutes

Walmart and Express Scripts announced Wednesday they have agreed to a 3-year extension of their network agreement to provide access to the retail giant's prescription services for Express Scripts clients' covered members. According to the companies, the agreement will help both insured and uninsured customers save money on their prescriptions.

Toolkit is available free for download    

A coalition including medical associations, patient advocacy groups, and drug companies on Monday sent a letter to Congress asking that it intervene on a CMS plan to use an index based on drug prices in other countries to determine reimbursement for Medicare Part B therapies.

Faced with increasing costs in 2017, and already spending $650 million a year on prescription drugs, officials in West Virginia decided they could do better without the plans and their hand-picked PBMs. West Virginia's Medicaid system uses the West Virginia University School of Pharmacy to recommend drugs for patients.

First step in managing resistant hypertension is to implement lifestyle interventions

Progress in reducing exposure to secondhand smoke among U.S. nonsmokers has stalled in recent years, despite longstanding declines over the past 30 years.

CVS Health on Wednesday said that as of January 1, it will offer a new prescription benefit option guaranteeing its health plan clients 100% of any rebates, discounts, or other fees paid by drug makers. The new plan model is aimed at providing greater drug cost simplicity, predictability, and transparency, according to company officials.