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FDA announced Tuesday a new initiative to establish innovative approaches to increase access to a wider selection of nonprescription drug products for consumers.

How health care institutions are managing

Patients treated in urgent care centers were more likely to be prescribed antibiotics for antibiotic-inappropriate respiratory diagnoses, according to new research. The retrospective cohort study—from CDC's Danielle L.

New labels to include mental health, glycemic risks

FDA has approved tecovirimat (TPOXX—SIGA Technologies Inc.), the first drug with an indication for treatment of smallpox, the agency said Friday. The World Health Organization declared smallpox eradicated in 1980; however, there is concern that it could be used as a potential bioweapon.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced Thursday the creation of a task force to address persistent drug shortages in the United States. Although the number of new drug shortages has decreased since 2011, some medically necessary products continue to be in short supply.

A Senate report outlines systematic failures in the reporting system for suspicious opioid orders, criticizing some drug distributors and manufacturers for their roles. The report, released Thursday, also faults DEA for a years-long lull in enforcement actions. The findings, the latest in a series of reports from Sen.

FDA announced Tuesday that it is ordering labeling changes for fluoroquinolone antibiotics to strengthen warnings about the risks of mental health adverse effects and serious blood sugar disturbances.