Meet the APhA-APRS Advisory Committee

2015-2017 APhA-APRS Postgraduate Officer, APhA-APRS Postgraduate Advisory Committee Chair


Jill Augustine, PharmD, MPH is a third-year PhD student in pharmaceutical economics, policy and outcomes at The University of Arizona College of Pharmacy. 

I always had an interest in conducting practice-based research. During my master's program and pharmacy school, while I was interested in patients, I was always thinking about the larger, more global picture of treatment options and therapies.  My decision to attend graduate school was because of a faculty member who encouraged me to continue to gain training and skills in the area of medication safety, adherence, pharmacoeconomics, and pharmacy education.  After graduation, I plan to pursue a career in academic pharmacy."

2016-17 APhA-APRS Postgraduate Committee:


Joseph A. Dikun, PharmD is a third-year doctoral student at The University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy in the Department of Pharmacy Administration.

“I am proud of my profession and decided to pursue graduate education with the goal of elevating practice and supporting in the development of my future colleagues.  Whether it is formal teaching opportunities, opportunities for personal development as a sound researcher, or informal interactions with student pharmacists, I get the opportunity to do my part daily. My research interests include student leadership development, the scholarship of teaching and learning, health-system pharmacy practice model development, and practice-based research.  After graduation, I plan to pursue a career in academia.”  


Tammy Lambert, PharmD is a 4th year graduate student at University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy.

"I became interested in graduate school when a faculty member asked if I had ever considered going into academic pharmacy. Honestly, I did not even know that was a possible career choice. After discussing this option with several others, I decided on graduate school. The primary reason for this decision is that it would allow me to combine two of my passions: pharmacy and education. My research interests included patient and community education, the safe use of medications and therapeutic errors that occur outside of healthcare facilities (i.e. mistakes made by patients in their home) In addition to my teaching assistant responsibilities, I work at the Oklahoma Poison Control Center where I answer calls from healthcare professionals and the general public."


Corey Lester, PharmD is a 1st year graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

"After graduating with my PharmD in May 2012 from University of Rhode Island, I moved to Richmond, Virginia to complete at community pharmacy practice residency at Virginia Commonwealth University.  I made the decision to attend University of Wisconsin-Madison for graduate school in Social and Administrative Pharmacy to develop the skills necessary to conduct sound scientific research.  My research interests are focused on looking at care delivery modeling from a work systems approach.  I hope this will lead to the scalability of improved patient care through the advancement of pharmacy practice."


Dave Malewski, MS PharmD is a third-year doctoral student at the University of Michigan in the department of Social and Administrative Science within the College of Pharmacy.

“My pursuit of a graduate education grew out of my desire to conduct research within pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research and also pass on knowledge, skills and increased awareness of the principles and importance of these fields to future generations of pharmacists. My research interests revolve around policy and guidelines concerning pain management, drug abuse and drug diversion, particularly, involving the Patient Centered Medical Home and Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs. My career aspirations include academia, education administration and governmental affairs.

Marwa Noureldin, PharmD, MS is a dual-title PhD candidate (Pharmacy Practice and Gerontology) at Purdue University Department of Pharmacy Practice/ Purdue University Center on Aging and the Life Course.  
“Graduate school is a unique path that allows me to have the training and skills necessary to conduct research in social and behavioral pharmacy, educate the future generation of pharmacists, and serve the pharmacy profession as it moves forward.  My research interests stem mainly from my experiences as a part-time pharmacist and include gerontology, patient education, medication adherence, and medication safety.  I am also interested in the scholarship of teaching and learning and mentorship of PharmD students to increase their interest in pharmacy-related research.”

Donna R. Simpson, PharmD is a 2nd year graduate student at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy.

"An internship in academia during pharmacy school at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy was very influential in my decision to continue for a PhD degree. I encourage all pharmacy students to apply for internships as they open you up to a new way of looking at the profession. Working in the Department of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy proved to be very satisfying as I felt like I was doing health disparities research that would make a difference for patients. I truly want to ensure that practice guidelines are current and in the best interests of our patients and that safe medications are available. Patients should have confidence in the medications that are being provided by their health care professional. My research interests include, pediatric and cancer epidemiology as well as post-market pharmacosurveillance. I believe that a career in academia is built on innovation in research and understanding the value teaching future pharmaceutical scientists. The right piece of research may be all we need to find a cure or change the world!"


Ben Urick, PharmD is a 3rd year graduate student in Health Services Research at the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy.

"For me, graduate school is opportunity. Through grad school I will be taking courses and doing research that will expand my outlook on medication use, the pharmacy profession and the health care system as a whole. My current and academic interests include third party reimbursement, pharmacy policy, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. After graduation, I plan to use what I have learned in grad school as a professor at a medium sized college of pharmacy."