Meet APhA-APRS Postgraduate Advisory Committee

The APhA-APRS Postgraduate Advisory Committee provides services to graduate students, residents, fellows, postdoctoral scholars. The goals of the Postgraduate Initiative are to promote scientific research among peers, to increase communications and interaction among postgraduate members, and to establish collaborative relations between members and leaders. Connect with fellow postgraduate leaders and colleagues today and learn more about available postgraduate resources, tools and initiatives.

APhA-APRS Postgraduate Advisory Committee Chair


Meena Murugappan, PharmD, MPH

is a pharmacist, public health professional, and an aspiring Health Policy & Outcomes researcher.

“I am passionate about promoting the rational and safe use of medications across populations worldwide and ensuring medication accessibility and affordability for underserved communities, through a policy-driven approach. I conduct research to inform the development, implementation, and evaluation of health policies that impact health care delivery, quality, and outcomes. During my Pharm.D. I was an active member of APhA-ASP, serving as my chapter’s Policy Vice President and later as the Regional Delegate for Region 5. Upon graduation, I worked as a clinical pharmacist at the University of Utah Hospital, gaining experience in critical care, HIV, and transitions of care. I also worked as a community pharmacist at Rite Aid Pharmacy in Salt Lake City, serving a community of low-income migrant workers. I later completed my MPH with a minor in Epidemiology and certificate in Global Health at the University of Minnesota. During my MPH, I had the opportunity to work as a Research Associate in Mental Health & Substance Use Disorders at the U of M College of Pharmacy. I worked on multiple research projects involving both qualitative and quantitative research methods. I have now transitioned into the PhD program in Social & Administrative Pharmacy and am excited to further her research skills in the area of secondary database analysis and natural language processing. I am looking forward to continuing my work with APhA, to expand the role of pharmacists in public health.”

APhA-APRS Postgraduate Advisory Committee Members


Federico Facciolo, MS

is a PhD student in Social and Administrative Pharmacy at the University of Minnesota.

“My primary research interests include evaluating organizational culture and performance in pharmacy academia. I have also conducted survey and mixed methods research and published peer-reviewed articles on community pharmacy services and pharmacy policy. My career goal is to become a professor and bolster the brand of colleges of pharmacy across higher education through innovations in teaching and research."


Smita Rawal, PharmD

is a PhD student in the Department of Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy at the University of Georgia.

“My research interests include pharmacist-patient perceptions, practices, and factors associated with pharmacists’ service provision and outcomes. My current research involves applying socio-behavioral theories to examine patient-healthcare professional communication using quantitative and qualitative methods.”


Andrew Wash, PharmD

is a third year PhD student in the Health Outcomes Division at the University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy.

“After receiving my PharmD degree from the University of Toledo College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2012, I worked in Portland, Oregon as a pharmacist for six years. The majority of this time was spent as the lead pharmacist in a clinic-based outpatient pharmacy within a Federally Qualified Health Center. This experience led me to want to pursue training in health outcome research, and I began my PhD program in the Health Outcomes Division at the University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy in 2018. My research so far has included topics such as pharmacist prescribing, pharmacy student well-being, and patient activation. I intend on continuing to pursue research using theoretical approaches to motivation and well-being across a variety of populations. APhA has always served as an opportunity for me to connect with old friends (and new!), learn about exciting and innovative developments within the profession, and re-energize myself professionally. I joined the APhA-APRS Postgraduate Advisory Committee to become more involved with APhA and work with this incredible team to expand opportunities within the organization for postgraduates.”


Chenyu Zou, MS

is a PhD student in the Department of Health Outcomes Research and Policy at the Auburn University Harrison College of Pharmacy.

“My research interests include the use of health information technology (HIT) and health behaviors. I am also interested in applying social and behavioral theory to improve patients’ health outcomes. Currently, my research focuses on the implementation of physical activity interventions among university students.”


Gavin Wilson, PharmD, BCPS, MBA/HA

is a second-year PhD graduate student in the Social and Administrative program (SAPH) at the University of Minnesota.

“I received my PharmD degree from Drake University in 2012 and became an inpatient clinical pharmacist. I have over ten years of various healthcare system experience including working at the Iowa Health Care System and the Mayo Clinic. In addition, I have my Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist Certification (BCPS) and pursued my Masters in Business Administration/Healthcare Administration degree. Pharmacy administration and international pharmacy practice has been a persistent goal that pushed me to pursue a PhD degree in SAPH from the University of Minnesota. My research interests include enhancing pharmacy workforce sustainability, digital therapeutic utilization, pharmacogenomic implications in drug selection, and improving patient outcomes using artificial intelligence applications. I have a passion for advocating for pharmacy practice and am excited to learn more about how social determinants of health affect future pharmacy practice while actively engaged in the APhA-APRS Postgraduate Advisory Committee.”


Helen Omuya, BPharm, MPA

is a PhD student in the Health Service Research in Pharmacy program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“I have an extensive background working in domestic and international sectors. After earning a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from my home country, Nigeria, I practiced as a hospital pharmacist for several years there. Before joining UW-Madison as a graduate student, I worked with the Emergency Operations Programs Unit (EMOPS) at the United Nations for Children (UNICEF) in New York City. I also hold a Master of Public Administration degree from New York University (NYU) Wagner Graduate School of Public Service with a specialization in Health Policy and Management. I aminterested in strategies that improve quality health outcomes for vulnerable populations. My primary research focus is in assessing the health outcomes of deprescribing in multimorbid older adults with polypharmacy. I am also interested in strategies that reduce racial health disparities and promote equity.”


Tyler Wagner, PharmD

is a pharmacist and fourth year PhD candidate in the Department of Pharmacotherapy and Outcomes Science at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy.

“I received my Pharm.D. degree from the University of South Carolina where I had a great opportunity to work in drug information at an academic medical center and conduct research in infectious diseases, hypertension, and diabetes. Through extensive conversations with mentors, I became interested in health outcomes and the role of data within medicine. This led me to pursue my Ph.D. at VCU and work with their Center for Pharmacy Practice Innovation. My research interests include health care services — specifically evaluating the role of the pharmacist — primary care, digital health, and machine learning. My dissertation involves analyzing electronic health records from a regional health system's outpatient clinics to assess the impact of a multidisciplinary primary care model on quality measure achievement and economic outcomes and identification of patients at risk of not meeting quality measures or having high health care utilization using predictive analytics.”


Dustin K. Miracle, PharmD, MS

is a pharmacist and PhD student in Pharmaceutical Sciences within the Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy track at the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy.

“My current research interests include population-level measures and outcomes relating to pharmacist-driven public health services, including contraception, as well as pharmacoepidemiology and methodology of the opioid epidemic. Current research includes accuracy and validity of opioid days’ supply submitted to the state PDMP as well as evaluation of factors influencing contraception use measures in the underserved Medicaid population.”


Rohan Zaveri, PharmD

is a pharmacist and first-year post-doctoral research fellow in global medical affairs at Takeda and adjunct faculty at Northeastern University.

“After completing my PharmD at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University, Boston in 2022, I began my two-year post-doctoral research fellowship. am passionate in making a global impact on people by improving their physical and mental health. My research experience includes working on neuronal cells to research the neuroprotective activity of dithiolethiones against Manganese-induced toxicity, conducting retrospective observational clinical study, and leading a team of researchers on a systematic review and meta-analysis regarding CNS complications associated with COVID-19.”


Adati Tarfa, PharmD, MS

is a pharmacist and PhD candidate in Health Services Research in Pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“I received my Doctor of Pharmacy training at Drake University and immediately began pursuing a PhD in Health Services Research in Pharmacy. During my PhD training, I was mentored in health disparities research. I previously was selected as a Health Equity Fellow by the Office of Minority Health (OMH) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). I was awarded the University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate Women in Science Award in for my research, academic, and leadership excellence in promoting women in science. My research integrates health equity, substance use, medication adherence, and digital health into examining the care of people living with HIV in a concerted effort to contribute to the Ending the HIV Epidemic Initiative.I explore the lived experiences of people living with HIV and use rigorous qualitative research methodologies to further explore the roles of pharmacists and social workers in improving the care of people with HIV.”