October is American Pharmacists Month

Celebrate pharmacists’ contributions to keeping patients and communities healthy

American Pharmacists Month (APhM) is a perfect time to celebrate the vital role you play in health care. You and your fellow pharmacists make a difference every day, so use APhM to show off what you can do, emphasizing the APhM theme, “Know your pharmacist, know your medicine.”

Visit www.pharmacist.com/aphm for ideas and tips to celebrate throughout the month.

In your practice setting
Invite your patients to bring in their prescription and nonprescription medications so you can review their expiration dates, identify potential drug interactions, and make sure patients are using their drugs correctly.

Conduct “OTC tours” targeted toward parents of young children, older adults, and others. Use the tour to help each group understand the appropriate products for the conditions most likely to affect them.

In the community
Visit health, science, and math classes at neighborhood schools to talk to students about medication safety, the dangers of prescription medication abuse, and how they can pursue a pharmacy career.

Set up “medication check-ups” or offer medication information seminars at nursing homes, senior citizen centers, and housing complexes. Provide counseling about Medicare coverage to the seniors in your community.

Online and in the media
Promote APhM on social media. Use the hashtag #APhM2017 on Twitter and Facebook to expand the reach of your message. APhA will also be tweeting a pharmacy fact every day in October, so retweet and share!

Don’t forget to take photos or videos you can post online. Create a video message and post on social media on how you are making a difference for your patients and the pride you have in being a pharmacist. Make sure to let APhA know what you’ve created! Send photos and videos of your celebrations to aphm@aphanet.org.

On campus
Student pharmacists across the country will hold APhM events to raise awareness on campus and beyond about pharmacists’ knowledge and their accessible patient care services.

Hold giveaway events at a school athletic event, and put APhM messages on the scoreboard and in the program. Talk to athletes and coaches about the medication issues that affect them.

Send out weekly quizzes to the student pharmacists at your school of pharmacy, awarding APhM promotional items to randomly selected winners.

Be creative
You will also find banners, stickers, pens, and other items you can use to advertise APhM, as well as tips for organizing APhM activities at www.pharmacist.com/aphm.