A heart of gold in El Dorado

New Practitioner Spotlight By Frank Fanizza, PharmD

Have you ever heard of El Dorado? No, not the mythical city of gold, but the town outside of Wichita, KS. If not, you may not know of a promising New Practitioner in the area, Ashley Shogren, PharmD. 

Ashley hails from Hesston, KS, and graduated from The University of Kansas School of Pharmacy in 2014. After graduating, she began her career at TrueCare Pharmacy, an independent community pharmacy in El Dorado. During her days, Ashley works tirelessly to deliver outstanding patient care by providing immunizations, counseling on medications, and overseeing her pharmacy’s medication therapy management program.

Outside of work, Ashley is actively involved in pharmacy organizations. Since 2015, she has served as the Kansas New Practitioners Network (KNPN) Committee Chair of the Kansas Pharmacists Association (KPhA). As chair, Ashley has strived to increase New Practitioner involvement within the organization through events such as socials and friendly competitions, like a college basketball bracket challenge. In addition to engaging New Practitioners, Ashley has collaborated with the local school of pharmacy to increase awareness of KPhA among student pharmacists and help retain them as members upon graduation.

Over the past 2 years, Ashley and her KNPN committee have published a “graduation checklist” for student pharmacists, which provides guidance on all the steps needed to become a successful New Practitioner. The checklist includes a variety of information, ranging from how to register for board examinations to how one obtains pharmacist liability insurance. In addition to her KPhA involvement, Ashley serves as an APhA New Practitioner Mentor for the Wichita campus. As a mentor, she has the opportunity to precept student pharmacists as they help members of their community through events put on by patient care groups, such as Operation Immunization.

Passion for the community
If you cannot tell by now, Ashley cares deeply for the profession. Furthermore, she has a great deal of passion for her local community. Currently, she is a member of the Emerging Professionals of El Dorado, which is a Chamber of Commerce committee that aims to gather local professionals to improve the community. Ashley has already taken the initiative and scheduled a building day with Habitat for Humanity in the town. Additionally, Ashley is a board member of the United Way of El Dorado, where she coordinates community events and allocates funds to local organizations. Besides helping her local community, Ashley serves residents of Leon, which is a small town 20 minutes outside of El Dorado that does not have a family medicine practice or pharmacy. Ashley travels once a month to the Leon Senior Center to provide blood pressure checks and address any medication question residents may have.

Leadership training
Ashley’s commitment to the community is evident, but she is also dedicated to her personal development. This year, Ashley was nominated and selected to participate in Leadership Butler, a leadership training program in Butler County (KS). This rigorous course provides learners with the skills and tools needed to meet the civic challenges of their communities and become effective leaders. Each year, the selected class implements a project that betters Butler County. Currently, the project entails building and placing “blessing boxes” in various communities. These boxes are locations individuals can discreetly go to pick up and drop off food at any time of day with no restrictions on who they service.

Ashley is an outstanding New Practitioner and a wonderful individual. Next time you are in Kansas, be sure to stop in El Dorado. You might not find a city made of gold, but you will find a pharmacist with a heart made of it.