APhA-ASP PharmFlix Video Contest


All APhA-ASP Chapters are invited to participate in APhA-ASP’s PharmFlix Video Contest! The 2018 theme is "Celebrating 50 Years of APhA-ASP" and voting will occur at the APhA2019 Annual Meeting & Exposition in Seattle, WA March 22-25. 
PharmFlix is short film platform that has proven to be a popular and creative to advocate for our profession. These films play online throughout the year, exerting their influence well beyond the APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition and APhA-ASP Closing Celebration. Your efforts at relating the professional knowledge, compassion, and vision of the pharmacist, whether in the setting of patient care projects, grassroots advocacy, or the workplace, can inspire an enhanced perception of the pharmacist’s role in patient care.


Guidelines & Forms 

2018 PharmFlix Guidelines - "Celebrating 50 Years of APhA-ASP"

History of PharmFlix

The PharmFlix Video Contest was launched in 2009 as a way for student pharmacist to showcase their professionalism while also expressing their creativity by creating short public service announcements (PSA). PSAs can be of various genres including, but not limited to, documentaries, parodies of pop-culture, commercials, music videos, and movie trailers. Chapters are encouraged to work with their school or college of pharmacy, members, and the public to create their PharmFlix Video.

PharmFlix Video Contest Entries:

For more information about the PharmFlix Video Contest, contact APhA Student Development Staff at aphaasp@aphanet.org

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