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The APhA Academy of Pharmacy Practice and Management (APhA-APPM) is dedicated to assisting members in enhancing the profession of pharmacy, improving medication use, and advancing patient care.

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Call for 2018-2019 APhA-APPM Standing Committee Members
Looking for opportunities to get involved in APhA and the Academies, grow your professional network and build leadership skills? APhA-APPM is seeking member volunteers to serve on several Academy Committees. Benefits of becoming an Academy volunteer include opportunities to provide input on programs and products offered by the Association, support the profession by addressing emerging issues, learn about new and innovative research and practice initiatives, and promote the role of the pharmacist in enhancing patient care. Take advantage of this unique member benefit and apply today!
Preceptor SIG New Practitioner Spotlight: Jennifer Minh Trang Cao, RPh
Dr. Cao is currently the Pharmacist-in-charge/Pharmacy Manager at La Maestra Community Pharmacy at La Maestra Community Health Centers, a 340B, federally qualified health center, in the City Heights area of San Diego, CA. Dr. Cao leads her pharmacy team to provide prescription medications, weekly medication therapy management sessions via telemedicine, and hypertensive/diabetic monitoring and care per protocol. She precepts both IPPE and APPE students, serves as a volunteer faculty member at Skagg's School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and has served in APhA’s Immunization Delivery Course for pharmacy students. Precepting pharmacy students was a natural decision that combined both her passion for teaching and pharmacy. Her favorite part of precepting is seeing her students grow in their critical thinking skills and applying what they learned to put all the puzzle pieces together.
Dr. Cao is actively involved in the City Heights community by participating in seasonal health fairs, providing glucose screening and education. She is also an active member at her church, Chinese Evangelical Church, in Linda Vista where she helps with greeting newcomers, leading small groups, and anywhere else she could be needed. During her free times, she also enjoys doing yoga, hiking, and traveling.
 “If you have been thinking about being a preceptor, start now! Mentorship is beneficial at all stages of your practice, whether you are newly graduated or been practicing for a decade. Not only is the next generation of pharmacists being trained, you also benefit from a rich learning experience of teaching!” 
A rewarding moment she encountered in practice was when a patient was on multiple antihypertensives and was confused on the frequency of taking his doses. Dr. Cao and her student thoroughly and patiently explained to the patient the correct use of his medications and when he went to his follow-up appointment a couple weeks later, his provider was so shocked to see his blood pressure under control after months of high blood pressure. The provider called the pharmacy team to express her gratitude towards the relationship our clinic's providers have with the pharmacy department.
This month's New Practitioner Preceptor SIG Spotlight was written by Preceptor SIG New Practitioner Committee Member Hanna Sung.
If you would like to nominate (or self-nominate) a candidate for a future spotlight, please contact APhA-APPM Preceptor SIG New Practitioner Chair Angela Olenik at angela.olenik@gmail.com.


APhA-APPM Resources

Clinical Guidelines

APhA launched a Clinical Guidelines page on our website this week! The APhA-APPM Medication Management SIG’s Clinical Committee compiled links to all of the clinical guidelines that pharmacists may need while they practice. These links are organized by organ system and available to any pharmacist who visits the website. Additionally, the Committee developed Summary sheets for over 85 guidelines. These Summaries include the key page numbers for information or charts that will be of particular interest to pharmacists.

Immunization Quick Reference Guide

The Immunization Quick Reference Guide was designed to enable certified immunizing pharmacists and student pharmacists to stay up-to-date on current vaccinations and guidelines. This guide is created and updated by the APhA-APPM Immunizing Pharmacists SIG(Note: APhA Members must login to download this PDF)

Transitions of Care Case Examples

The Transitions of Care Case Examples were designed as a members-only resource for pharmacists and student pharmacists to improve transitions of care (TOC) services across a multitude of health care settings. The document addresses pharmacists’, student pharmacists’, and pharmacy technicians’ roles in transitions of care services within a community hospital, an outpatient health system pharmacy, an ambulatory care clinic, a long-term care facility, and a community pharmacy. This resource was created by the APhA-APPM Transitions of Care SIG.

Immunization Travel Health Pocket Guide

The Travel Health Pocket Reference was developed by the APhA-APPM Immunizing Pharmacists SIG Travel Committee to serve as a condensed resource for trained pharmacists providing travel health services to diverse patient populations. (Note: APhA Members must login to download this PDF)

Radiopharmaceutical Vendor Qualification Checklist 

This tool will assist hospital pharmacists in evaluating relevant regulatory and practice standards when selecting a commercial nuclear pharmacy to supply radiopharmaceuticals to institutional nuclear medicine departments. Developed by the APhA-APPM Nuclear Pharmacy Practice SIG.

Get Plugged Into APhA-APPM

Are you a New Practitioner or student pharmacist? A new member to APhA-APPM? Or a current APhA-APPM member looking for ways to get more involved with APhA-APPM? APhA-APPM invites you to learn more about the Academy, the Special Interest Groups, and various elected and non-elected volunteer opportunities. Start networking today! Visit www.pharmacist.com/volunteer to learn more about the volunteer opportunities in APhA-APPM. 

Call for SIG Applications

The APhA-APPM Executive Committee (EC) is pleased to release the Guidelines for APhA-APPM Special Interest Groups and the Application for APhA-APPM Special Interest Groups. A SIG is an interest based member group that will be led a volunteer coordinator and co-coordinator and provide a forum for members to network and support the profession by addressing emerging issues. Watch the video on SIGs. Academy members are encouraged to review the Guidelines and Application and contact staff Margaret Tomecki or a member of the APhA-APPM EC for assistance with the Application.

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