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APhA Advocacy Issues
Provider status APhA’s provider status efforts seek to recognize pharmacists as integral members of the health care team and provide patients with access to and coverage for our quality patient care services. The Pharmacy and Medically Underserved Areas Enhancement Act (H.R. 592/S. 109) was…
Jul 30, 2012 Basic page
APhA Quick Quiz
The quizzes are developed by experts in the field for pharmacists as an online learning activity with questions that are intended to test your knowledge on a variety of topics that focus on public health issues. These quizzes are free to members and non-members! Take APhA’s Quick Quizzes to learn…
Jun 13, 2017 Basic page
APhA’s Hot Topics in Pharmacy Education Webinar Series
  Learn all about the latest top issues and priorities that affect the pharmacy community! APhA’s Hot Topics in Pharmacy Education is a series of 1-hour, live webinars, presented every month as a member-exclusive benefit, that focus on pertinent public health issues to keep pharmacists…
May 17, 2016 Basic page
Generation Rx Award of Excellence
The GenerationRx Award of Excellence was established in 2011 to recognize a pharmacist who has demonstrated a commitment to the mission of substance abuse education. This award is made possible through a restricted endowment from the Cardinal Health Foundation.   Nominate a colleague…
Jun 17, 2013 Basic page
APhA-ASP PharmFlix Video Contest
Overview All APhA-ASP Chapters are invited to participate in APhA-ASP’s PharmFlix Video Contest! The 2018 theme is "Celebrating 50 Years of APhA-ASP" and voting will occur at the APhA2019 Annual Meeting & Exposition in Seattle, WA March 22-25.    PharmFlix is…
Feb 11, 2014 Basic page
APhA NPN Standing Committees
Serve Your Peers and Your Profession   The APhA New Practitioner Network (NPN) Standing Committee supports the work of the NPN and provides feedback on the direction of the awards, programming, resources, and opportunities provided by the APhA NPN. The APhA NPN Standing Committees include…
Oct 26, 2016 Basic page
New Practitioner Advisory Committee
Serve Your Peers and Your Profession The APhA New Practitioner Advisory Committee (NPAC)  drives the direction of the awards, programming, resources, and opportunities provided by the APhA New Practitioner Network. The committee provides strategic feedback to APhA staff and the APhA Board of…
Jul 16, 2012 Basic page
The Pharmacist & Patient-Centered Diabetes Care 2018
The American Pharmacists Association will host 8 offerings of APhA's The Pharmacist & Patient-Centered Diabetes Care certificate training program in 2018. Supported by an educational grant from Merck and Novo Nordisk, APhA will conduct these special programs for a nominal fee of…
Jul 19, 2012 Basic page
Be part of an international adventure (Online Exclusive)
Janhavi Punyarthi is a final-year PharmD candidate at Mercer University College of Pharmacy and is Chair/Student Exchange Officer of the 2018–19 APhA–ASP International Standing Committee.
By Janhavi Punyarthi The drone-like hum of the airplane engine buzzing in your ears … your over-stuffed backpack containing your laptop, kindle, straightener, two pairs of shoes, and an extra change of clothes crammed underneath the seat in front of you…your headphones dangling in place, the…
Oct 03, 2018 Publication Student Pharmacist
Policy Review Committee
2018-2019 Policy Review Committee   Elizabeth Johnson, PharmD,  Chair Sacramento, CA   Evan Colmenares, PharmD Durham, NC   Michelle Cottino, JD, PharmD Basking Ridge, NJ   Zachary Fettman  (PharmD Candidate) Cincinnati, OH    G. Lawrence…
Jan 14, 2016 Basic page