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Flourishing hope Flourishing hope

Flourishing hope

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This past December, I was not entirely sure what to expect during my medical mission trip to bustling Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, but knew I was filled with the desire to help and care for the children with mental disabilities who lived there. I realized during my second year of pharmacy school that I have a strong passion for public and mental health, so I chose to embark on this exciting journey. My practice site was a small mental health clinic inside a community hospital. Upon arrival, I was told by the program coordinator that their department is usually the most challenging...
A sense of normalcy to help ease the suffering A sense of normalcy to help ease the suffering

A sense of normalcy to help ease the suffering

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"Tzeva Adom, Tzeva Adom” blares over the loud speakers across the whole city. Men, women, and children have 15 seconds to run to the nearest bomb shelter before a bomb hits. The ones that cannot make it to the shelters lie down on the ground, hands over their head, praying the missiles do not hit them. Fifteen seconds after the first...
Finding “the answer” to your next interview questions Finding “the answer” to your next interview questions

Finding “the answer” to your next interview questions

Summer brings time for relaxation, getting together with friends, and enjoying a break from school work. However, in pharmacy school, summer is a...
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A prescription for better policy A prescription for better policy

A prescription for better policy

When I got into pharmacy school at the University of Cincinnati James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy in 2016, the last thing I imagined was getting...
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Policy on! Policy on!

Policy on!

For the past 2 years, pharmacy policy and advocacy have been my life. I dedicate my free time to the advancement of the pharmacy profession and...
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Five financial steps to take as a student pharmacist Five financial steps to take as a student pharmacist

Five financial steps to take as a student pharmacist

Pharmacy graduates today are facing the unprecedented financial situation of coming out of school with an average debt load greater than $160,000....
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The five-dollar bribe The five-dollar bribe

The five-dollar bribe

“A 6-year-old will do anything for $5,” my mom must have thought to herself as she slid the $5 bill across the kitchen table 19 years...
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Is there a new practitioner in the house?

The APhA Student & New Practitioner Development Department strives to enhance the professional and personal development of student pharmacists while in pharmacy school so they are prepared for the first day of their new careers and beyond. This is accomplished through providing tools and resources, both online and during live meetings. We also rely on the help of new practitioner...

An investment mentality

Recently, I had the opportunity to write an article for the February issue of Transitions, titled “Finding your best ‘yes’ as a new practitioner.” Shortly thereafter, I was asked to write a version for Student Pharmacist, since juggling responsibilities and opportunities is something that I struggled with far before adding the PharmD to the end of my name. My hope is to...

Connections and community

There are few experiences in my time as a student pharmacist that have had as forceful an impact on me as the APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition. I could never pinpoint exactly what draws me back each year, until APhA President Nancy Alvarez, PharmD, provided her opening address in Nashville. APhA’s Annual Meetings are about connections and the community. I am reminded of the new...

Long live your legacy!

My heart thumped with anticipation as the APhA–ASP National Executive Committee (NEC) stood together on the dark stage, the cheers growing louder. As we power-posed, the lights began to flash. With every flash, I remembered those I met throughout my APhA–ASP journey—the patients I counseled through Operation Heart, the lifelong friends I made at the Midyear Regional Meetings...

Our IDEAL school of pharmacy

The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) School of Pharmacy is home to a diverse population of students and provides enriching opportunities. The city of El Paso is bordered by Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, with an estimated total population of more than 2 million people. El Paso and the surrounding border region is critically underserved in the areas of medicine, and approximately one-fifth of the...

Celebrating legacies

Valerie Ruehter, PharmD, BCPP, (center) of the University of Missouri–Kansas City, receives the APhA–ASP Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award from Sara Massey and Michael Murphy at APhA2018 in Nashville. In one of the most uplifting moments of each APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition, APhA–ASP members gather together to celebrate the incredible achievements of student...

Embrace Your Calling

“Why do you want to go to pharmacy school?” I remember first hearing those words as a pre-professional student pharmacist, sitting across from a faculty member, in the middle of my interview to transition to the professional part of the Rutgers PharmD program. It was a pretty standard question, and an answer that my upperclassmen friends had told me how not to screw up. “All...