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Pharmacy superheroes to the rescue! Pharmacy superheroes to the rescue!

Pharmacy superheroes to the rescue!

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Discussing how debilitating preventable diseases can be is sometimes an uncomfortable conversation to have with people. Plus, who likes being stuck by a needle? At the University of Montana Skaggs School of Pharmacy, our Operation Immunization team has the challenge and privilege of educating the local community on the benefits of vaccinating and staying up to date with their vaccination schedule. But how to do that with materials not considered “fun” or interesting? The time was right for a new team of superheroes to save the day.
Your olive-hooding glory Your olive-hooding glory

Your olive-hooding glory

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“Congratulations!” my oncology professor beamed at me. A colorful array of emotions flooded my mind as the olive hood went over my head and my professor rested it upon my shoulders. I was finally a pharmacist. I was excited, in disbelief, nervous, and over the moon all at the same time. All my hard work culminated to this moment,...
A prescription for the soul A prescription for the soul

A prescription for the soul

Very often, you might think of health professionals and characterize them as logical, left-brained, methodical, and systematic. You might not see...
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“Trust your gut” “Trust your gut”

“Trust your gut”

You never know when or where you will find your passion. For Charlie Broussard, BSPharm, MEd, FAPhA, it was in a sociology class at Memphis State...
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Building communities Building communities

Building communities

Coming from a diverse neighborhood on the East Coast, I did not know what to expect as an Asian American attending pharmacy school at the Purdue...
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My night with “Taylor, the Latte Boy” My night with “Taylor, the Latte Boy”

My night with “Taylor, the Latte Boy”

Growing up, I was terrible at sports. After a decade of bench-warming for church-league soccer and basketball games and feeling a little like a...
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Thrust into a life and death situation Thrust into a life and death situation

Thrust into a life and death situation

Over the next year, I will share my unique experiences while on rotation. To speak honestly and openly with you, I will write this column...
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Learning through a multidisciplinary lens Learning through a multidisciplinary lens

Learning through a multidisciplinary lens

The classroom didactic portion of pharmacy school education is essential for the development of foundational pharmacy knowledge. However, in our...
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Early APPE advice

Wow, “Ami,” it sounds like you had quite a humbling experience, and just at the start of rotations. I know it can be terrifying to be on a new rotation as a student pharmacist, especially in an unfamiliar setting. Often you are given very little guidance as you begin patient care in a new setting. Some preceptors are more apt to give you detailed instructions while others hope you...

SLI attendees experience “extraordinary things”

Traveling from across the country, 237 student pharmacists met in Washington, DC, at the 2018 APhA–ASP Summer Leadership Institute (SLI) in July. Supported by an educational grant provided by Merck, SLI provides professional development and leadership skills to APhA–ASP student leaders, along with teaching them the importance of taking action within legislative and patient care...

Flood of ideas (Online Exclusive)

When you begin your term as an officer for your APhA–ASP Chapter, the big question is: where do you start? By beginning with a leadership retreat, you can establish goals, schedules, expectations, accountability, communication, and most importantly, team bonding. At the University of Toledo College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, we have dedicated the past 2 years on...

Young student, big ambitions

After finishing the second grade in Saigon, Vietnam, my family immigrated to Vancouver, WA. Because my birthday was after September, I should have started the second grade in America. But since I was able to pass a second-grade proficiency test, the school district allowed me to be in third grade, thus I started a year earlier than my peers. That test was the reason I was one of the...

Starting a new season in life

Can y’all believe this is my last installment of “On Rotation Diary”? We have spent a whole year together and I feel like we should be besties at this point! So no longer will I hide my identity from you. Though I have gone by “Alison” these past 12 months, my real name is Natalie Tucker. I am a recent PharmD graduate from the Washington State University College...

“Dear New Practitioner”

You have probably heard of the “Dear Abby” advice column. Now meet the “Dear New Practitioner” section of Student Pharmacist. As we continue to “Embrace Your Calling” throughout the year, your APhA–ASP National Executive Committee and APhA staff want you to know that you are not alone. You have numerous questions swirling around your head, both on the...

A letter to my younger first-year self

As you prepare for your new journey, it is normal to feel nervous or scared about meeting a whole new peer and faculty population, being introduced to the alphabet soup of pharmacy school organizations, and navigating the maze that is pharmacy school. You have spent countless hours consulting multiple pharmacists and online web forums for advice on how to survive the next 4 years. After all,...