Honorary Membership

2020 Honorary Membership recipient: Linda K. Gainey APhA Senior Director and Corporate Secretary



Honorary Membership in the American Pharmacists Association is conferred by the APhA Board of Trustees upon individuals, either within the profession of pharmacy or outside of it, whose activities and achievements have had a significant impact upon public health, the profession, and its practitioners.


Evaluation Criteria

Individuals nominated for Honorary Membership shall meet the following criteria:

Individual is not a pharmacist or is a non-American pharmacist.

Individual has documented activity that has significantly impacted public health or has created or supported the expanding role of pharmacists, the profession, or Association.

Awarding of the designation to the individual will advance the Association’s public perception.

The Board of Trustees may make exceptions to the above criteria, except for the second bullet.

Nomination process

The nominator is responsible for submitting a complete award nomination at the following link: Award Nomination Form. The deadline for nominations is September 10 annually.

The nomination is to include the following items:

A letter from the nominator describing the most important achievements of the nominee and explaining why the nominee meets the criteria for the award

Letters of recommendation are optional; two letters are preferred with a maximum of six accepted letters

A current curriculum vitae or detailed résumé

Selection process

The selection is made by the APhA Board of Trustees based upon careful review of complete nominations.

Nature of award

The honor, first presented in 1856 and conferred at each APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition, consists of a plaque, a complimentary APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition registration and reimbursement for meeting-related travel expenses, according to current travel policies and up to the maximum amount budgeted by APhA.

Past Honorees

2021 John Clymer, USA and Eric Johnson, USA

2020 Linda Gainey

2019 Kathy Keough, USA and Linda Gibson, USA

2018 Partricia Worthen, USA

2017 Eileen Gans, USA

2016 Kristen G. Betts, USA

2015 Roger Lea Williams, USA

2014 Benjamin Jacobs, USA, and N. Lee Rucker, USA

2013 Frank Bennicasa, USA

2012 CAPT S. Miles Rudd, USA

2011 Jeff Poston, Canada

2010 Mark B. McClellan, USA

2010 Joel V. Brill, USA

2009 Ken Leibowitz, USA

2008 Buck A. Rhodes, USA

2008 Ann Lewis, England

2007 Peter M. Fernandes, USA

2006 William L. Atkinson, USA

2006 Jean Parrot, France

2005 Edward G. Feldmann, USA

2005 A. J. M. (Ton) Hoek, the Netherlands

2004 Richard H. Carmona, USA

2003 Not awarded

2002 Peter J. Kielgast, Denmark

2001 David G. Schulke, USA

2000 Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, USA

2000 John P. Miall, USA

2000 Donna E. Shalala, USA

1999 José Manuel Cárdenas, Mexico

1999 Dieter Steinbach, Germany

1998 John Ferguson, OBE

1997 Rep. Henry A. Waxman, USA

1996 Leroy C. Fevang, Canada

1996 Nils-Olaf Strandqvist, Sweden

1995 Thomas R. Fulda, USA

1995 David Satcher, USA

1994 Marie Schwartz, USA

1992 Paul. L. O’Brien, Esquire, USA

1991 Sen. David H. Pryor, USA

1990 C. Everett Koop, USA

1989 Stanley Siegelman, USA

1987 J. H. M. Martens, the Netherlands

1987 Shoji Shibata, Japan

1986 Arthur Hull Hayes, Jr., USA

1985 Charles A. LeMaistre, USA

1983 Mark Novitch, USA

1983 Frank Field, USA

1982 Hector Zayas-Bazan y Perdomo, USA

1981 Mary Kelly Mullane, USA

1980 Dan Kushner, USA

1979 C. Joseph Stetler, USA

1979 Charles C. Edwards, USA

1978 Arthur Ulene, USA

1976 Desmond Lewis, Great Britain

1975 Frederick M. Garfield, USA

1973 John C. Weaver, USA

1972 Max Tishler, USA

1971 Kozaburo Takeda, Japan

1971 Morizo Ishidate, Japan

1969 John C. Turnbull, Canada

1969 J. H. M. A. Winters, the Netherlands

1967 Winton D. Rankin, USA

1967 Alberto Garcia Ortiz, Spain

1966 Gen-Ichiro Fukuchi, Japan

1965 Svend A. Schou, Denmark

1963 George P. Larrick, USA

1962 Vice President Hubert Humphrey, USA

1962 Sir Hugh N. Linstead, Great Britain

1955 George D. Armstrong, USA

1943 Carl T. Durham, USA

1937 A. U. R. Wasicky, Austria

1932 George Urdang, USA

1930 Armando S. Parado, Chile

1929 Juan Manuel Noriega, Mexico

1927 John Cameron, Great Britain

1924 I. M. Kolthoff, USA

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