APhA Executive Postgraduate Training

The APhA Postgraduate Training Program includes six residency positions and one fellowship position. The program is designed to challenge motivated individuals who have ambitions to contribute towards advancement of the pharmacy profession. The residents and fellow work on high impact projects, representing APhA's members and developing their leadership skills alongside many pharmacy leaders during their one-year term with the association.

Postgraduate Training Programs: Executive Residency and Fellowship

The APhA Executive Residency Program provides pharmacists with training and experience in foundational association management at a national level to support APhA’s vision, mission, and reputation as the leading professional organization representing pharmacists in all practice settings. Residents contribute to APhA’s strategic priorities and operations through collaborations with staff teams across the organization, developing lifelong skills to advance the profession of pharmacy.

This rigorous experience provides the opportunity to meet, interact with, and learn from well-respected and highly regarded professionals passionate about bold and transformational progress for the profession. Aspiring pharmacy leaders are encouraged to apply if they are motivated to implement innovative ideas, have a will to inspire change, and a desire to collaborate with members to advance the profession.

An APhA Executive Resident position is a 12-month paid opportunity that will take place at the historic APhA Headquarters located on the National Mall in Washington, DC.


Executive Fellowship, APhA Foundation

The APhA Foundation is a nonprofit organization with the mission of improving health by inspiring philanthropy, research, and innovation that advances pharmacists’ patient care services. The APhA Fellow is responsible for training individuals for leadership positions within the profession, completing a Certificate in Association Management through the American Society of Association Executives, interacting with senior staff, attending board meetings, and collaborating with Foundation staff to oversee Incentive Grants, Scholarships, and Pinnacle Awards.

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Executive Residency, Board of Pharmacy Specialties

The Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) learning experience provides a unique opportunity for residents to gain insight into the purpose, impact, and value of certification. Residents will be exposed to high-priority issues within the professional pharmacy landscape from the perspective of a certification agency, with a focus on specialization and advanced practice in the U.S. and around the globe. While integrated as a collaborative member on the Professional Affairs, Communications and Engagement (PACE) team, residents will engage internally with the other BPS teams (e.g., operations and logistics; psychometrics, testing, and research; and quality assurance) and externally with volunteer leaders, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders. Residents will enhance knowledge and skills in communications and project management by engaging in topic discussions, participating in meetings, and contributing to strategic goals and initiatives.

Executive Residency, Education

The Education department is responsible for providing informative continuing education for a variety of pharmacists in all practice settings. Residents in this department are involved in the education development process from start to finish, including content creation, copyediting, instructional design, communication with subject matter experts (SMEs), and post-publication marketing. Residents will continuously interface with various SMEs in a variety of areas to help provide materials and training for all APhA members. The resident will strengthen skills in project management and adult learning by creating their own education projects.

Executive Residency, Pharmacy Practice

The Pharmacy Practice and Government Affairs department is responsible for developing and implementing APhA’s strategies to advance pharmacy practice, advocacy, and government affairs. Residents can expect to enhance project management skills by creating resources for members and others in the profession, engaging subject matter experts for practice and science issues, and leading strategic initiatives to position pharmacists as patient providers. Residents in this department are involved in various projects, such as developing pharmacy practice materials, COVID-19 pharmacist resources, advocacy efforts, pharmacy legislation and regulation comments, and more. The Pharmacy Practice department also encompasses the APhA Academies—connecting residents to various APhA member committees and SIGs.

Executive Residency, Publishing

The Publishing department is responsible for sourcing, creating, and maintaining several APhA resources, including Pharmacy Today, PharmacyLibrary print books such as the Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs, and more. The publishing residency learning experience focuses on creating and updating innovative content for APhA’s pharmacist and student pharmacist members, non-members, faculty, and pharmacy technicians. Residents will have the opportunity to participate in the publication process and work with subject matter experts. Residents will develop their new skillset by working on interprofessional teams, participating in various activities, and collaborating with other APhA departments and external stakeholders.


  • Competitive stipend consistent with that of other pharmacy residencies and fellowships
  • Social security withholdings through payroll deductions
  • Health and dental insurance (family coverage may be obtained)
  • Group term life insurance and long-term disability insurance
  • Ten days personal leave during the 1-year period


The APhA Staff will select residents based on the following qualifications:

  • The applicant must be a graduate of an Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) accredited college or school of pharmacy.
  • The applicant must be recommended by present or former employers, preceptors, college faculty, or dean.

Final candidates will be granted an in-person interview at APhA Headquarters in Washington, DC, at the candidate’s expense.

How to apply

The application period for the 2023-2024 APhA Executive Residency Program will open in fall 2022. As part of the process, applicants will be asked to rank their preferred residency type (Board of Pharmacy Specialties, Education, Foundation, Publishing, Pharmacy Practice). Also, electronically submit a cover letter and curriculum vitae (CV) via the application form. At a minimum, the following should be included in the applicant’s CV and/or cover letter:

  • Contact information: Name, address, phone number, and email address
  • Education and training: Institutions, locations, years attended, dates of graduation, type of training or major subject, degrees, and certificates
  • Professional and related experience: Institution or organization, location, dates, type of work, and position title
  • Organizational memberships (including positions held and activities): Professional, honorary, service, and social
  • Publications
  • Honors or awards received
  • Personal objectives: Brief description of future goals and aspirations, and why the APhA Executive Residency will be of value

The application also requires two letters of recommendation from any of the following: a present or former employer, preceptor, college faculty, or dean, which must be submitted directly within the application portal.


2021-2022 APhA Executive Residents share their experience:

Aiya Almogaber, Executive Resident, Pharmacy Practice

After years of school and training to become a pharmacist, I searched for a job that would offer professional growth. I chose to begin my career at APhA as an Executive Resident because I wanted to strengthen my leadership skills and represent pharmacy at a national level. This opportunity has given me the chance to contribute to the pharmacy profession and establish an executive presence that serves me well as an advocate for others. I use my voice to amplify pharmacists’ voices worldwide, and I collaborate with strong motivated individuals who share a common goal of advancing the pharmacy profession.

Brittany Botescu, Executive Resident, Pharmacy Practice

I pursued the Executive Residency with APhA’s Pharmacy Practice Department because it aligned with my passions for pharmacy, advocacy, writing, and history! I believe in pharmacists’ valuable impact offering accessible clinical services and expertise to their communities. I love that APhA is the oldest and most united voice of pharmacy, working daily to advance and lead the profession. I was excited for the advocacy experiences I could gain from this position, as well as the opportunity to help develop practice resources and work with many of the top leaders of pharmacy.

Olivia Welter, Executive Fellow, APhA Foundation

The APhA Foundation Executive Fellowship in Association Management and Leadership has provided me with several invaluable opportunities, each allowing me to develop skills that are transferable to any and all careers in pharmacy. As the primary manager of three of the Foundation’s programs, I am able to connect with stakeholders on an almost daily basis, strengthening my professional communication and writing skills. Additionally, I am involved in key governance activities, including Board of Trustees meetings and policy committees. This Fellowship is positioning me to achieve success in nontraditional pharmacy practice, and I am confident that the experiences I’ve had and will continue to have throughout the year will be integral in landing my dream career.

Laurrie Lorenzo, Executive Resident, Education

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” - B.B. King

The Executive Residency at APhA immersed me in the world of association management while opening doors to leaders in the Pharmacy profession. Working with people who are motivated to address issues and positively impact how pharmacy is practiced is inspiring. I value the support and mentorship and plan to pay it forward. What a transformative experience!

Hailey Mook, Executive Resident, Education

I wanted to pursue a position where I can interact with pharmacists from not only every part of the profession but also every part of the country, being at APhA allows me to do that. I also love the collaboration that happens between other national pharmacy organizations and even organizations outside of pharmacy! While being in the education department I have been able to strengthen my skills in association management and business development, while also continuing to use the clinical knowledge that I gained during school. And since I've been here, I've been able to interact with pharmacists from not only every state but also pharmacists in other countries! APhA is certainly the world home of pharmacy, and I can't imagine learning anywhere else!

Johanna Katroscik, Executive Resident, Education and Publishing

I am so honored to be able to work with the American Pharmacists Association this year. As a non-traditional pharmacy student, one of my goals was to learn as much as I could about the different opportunities a career in pharmacy could offer. I have loved being able to connect with pharmacists from across the country who are moving the profession forward and offering incredible care to their patients. I have been inspired by these pharmacists and look forward to having them as friends and colleagues that I can collaborate with and learn from as I continue to grow as a pharmacist. After my residency, I am hoping to work in an outpatient or independent community setting where I can keep working to expand patient access to care.

Trey Melazzo, Executive Resident, Board of Pharmacy Specialties

The American Pharmacists Association with BPS Executive Residency has given me an amazing experience. My career goals and passions are to improve our healthcare system by advocating for the profession of pharmacy. This year I have gained an insight on the purpose and value of certification, explore the nuances of specialization and advanced practice in the U.S. and around the globe, and identify the intersections of association management principles with certification accreditation standards. This Executive Residency offers a wide range of opportunities to learn from highly respected leaders in the pharmacy profession and to collaborate with numerous agencies and associations. This residency offers any pharmacist the tools to further their understanding and education to make a significant impact in the community.