Pharmacy’s way forward

Last weekend, representatives from APhA’s three Academies—Academy of Pharmacy Practice and Management (APhA–APPM), Academy of Pharmaceutical Research and Science (APhA–APRS), and Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA–ASP)—and the APhA New Practitioner Advisory Committee convened in Washington, DC, for APhA’s Academies Leadership Retreat (ALR). We also held a 2-day meeting of our Board's Strategic Directions Committee (SDC) that included board members, Academy members, new practitioners, and senior staff at headquarters. APhA leaders worked together to review trends in health care and the profession and developed goals and objectives that will guide the association towards achieving its vision.

SDC and ALR are our time to take our experience, our goals, and our energy to come up with clear direction for APhA and for our members. You and your patients are at the heart of this work, and I’m always energized by this meeting and what’s ahead in 2019.

I want to thank all our staff and volunteers who devoted a weekend listening, sharing, and planning. Your enthusiasm and energy are the keys to our success.

Pharmacy’s come a long way, but we have a long way to go. The path ahead is lined with opportunities for innovation in the way we practice and the role we play in the health care system. There are also obstacles and political headwinds we must overcome.

We at APhA are always working to get at the heart of what really matters—YOU. In 2019 we’re going to emphasize our care for our members and the patients they serve.

There’s much more to come. Stay in touch with us on social media and the Engage platform, and I welcome your e-mails and calls as well.

Thank you for all you do for patients and communities, and for sticking together as we build our way forward.