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Scott Knoer is the 13th executive vice president and CEO of the American Pharmacists Association. Before joining APhA in 2020, Scott served as Chief Pharmacy Officer for the Cleveland Clinic. He also served in pharmacy leadership roles at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview, and the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.

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Published on Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Our new look reflects APhA's style and personality

APhA is putting a new face forward.

On the web
You might have noticed that APhA's website has been completely transformed and modernized.

The new is clean, contemporary, and designed with our members’ needs in mind. You’re too busy to spend 5 minutes or even 10 seconds navigating an information obstacle course, so the next generation of makes finding what you need a cinch. Our search function is first class. The uncrowded look means your online experience is simple and unfussy. It’s safe and accessible for people with disabilities. From education programs to practice resources to advocacy tools, everything APhA has to offer is a click away.

The revamped APhA website was a labor of love for our members, but it’s just one piece of the launch of our new brand—an effort years in the making. The new brand will reintroduce APhA to its members, the pharmacy community, policymakers, the media, and the public at large.

Our brand is our identity
APhA's new brand tells the story of who we are, what we do, and why we do it. It has many elements, including the visual images and words we use to define our personality and style. The new brand pays tribute to our legacy, but a legacy isn’t just history. A legacy is something you build every day. This is embodied in our new logo, which evokes the logos of our past while making a new statement for the future.

At the center of the brand is an affirmation of what distinguishes APhA from the rest.

Here it is: APhA owns its position as the nation’s leading pharmacy organization and all the responsibilities that come with that. We stand out because we are the foundational pharmacy association and the only one that supports and represents all pharmacists in all practice settings. Our new slogan conveys that message simply and clearly: “For every pharmacist. For all of pharmacy.”

We love our pharmacy partners and would never diminish their remarkable accomplishments. I believe intraprofessional cooperation is the key to meaningful professional progress—when we cross that finish line, we’ll cross it together. APhA is proud to be a member of Team Pharmacy. The APhA brand represents who we are as an individual organization, but our egalitarian attitude toward collaboration is unchanged.

Our brand is based on evidence
When we first undertook the task of establishing a new organizational brand, our challenge was to develop a set of tools that tell our story, capture attention with bright and modern visuals, and engage with our members more intimately than ever before.

The effort had at its heart a mission to inspire and attract new members, and the first step was taking stock of what makes APhA great—our longevity, our tradition of providing the highest-quality education, our creation of the most relevant practice advancement resources available anywhere. There’s a lot to love about this organization. The key was to examine all that through a modern lens and find the path to evolution.

The design of APhA's new brand took place over several years and was informed by extensive research into the pharmacy community’s values. We asked our members what mattered most to them and centered our new brand around what we heard.

Next, a cross-functional staff team used that quantitative and qualitative research to develop a cohesive visual and written identity—a brand platform—that communicated how APhA fills those needs. The new brand shows the world who we are, and in turn helps the organization remain competitive, supports our members’ ongoing growth, and enriches our organizational culture.

Our why
APhA strives every day to be pharmacy’s biggest ally. We want to advocate for formal recognition and the compensation that makes patient care sustainable. We want to ensure that predators can’t drain pharmacy resources and deny patients’ access to life-saving care. We want to defeat a plague. When pharmacy wins, America wins.

Our brand strategy demonstrates our commitment to our members and the standards to which we hold ourselves, and it gives us all something to aspire to and believe in. Our brand is our bold new voice.

We can’t stop there. A brand is more than just a slick website, an evolved logo, and a refined tagline. We must breathe life into the brand’s message and promise by committing to them. Making a brand work requires that its values infuse everything we say and do. The brand includes a mantra that will guide APhA staff, volunteers, and leaders in their way of life: We empower pharmacists, elevate pharmacy, and enhance patient care. Our mission revolves around those ideals.

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