APPM Executive Committee

Wendy Mobley-Bukstein

APhA–APPM President

Jordan Rowe

APhA–APPM New Practitioner Officer

Cathy Kuhn

APhA–APPM Immediate Past President

Hillary Blackburn

APhA–APPM Member-at-Large

Nick Dorich

APhA–APPM Member-at-Large

Amy Kennedy

APhA–APPM Member-at-Large

Olivia Kinney

APhA–APPM Member-at-Large

Ashley Lorenzen

APhA–APPM Member-at-Large

Emily Prohaska

APhA–APPM Member-at-Large



Jason Martinez

APhA-APPM SIG Care of Underserved Patients Coordinator

Ashlee Mattingly

APhA-APPM SIG Compounding Coordinator

Adam Davies

APhA-APPM SIG Diabetes Management Coordinator

Ashley Pugh

APhA-APPM SIG Immunizing Pharmacists Coordinator

Jelena Lewis

APhA-APPM SIG Medical Home/ACO Coordinator

Olivia Strain

APhA-APPM SIG Medication Management Coordinator

Akram Hussein

APhA-APPM SIG Nuclear Pharmacy Practice Coordinator

Thomas Franko

APhA-APPM SIG Pain, Palliative Care, and Addiction Coordinator

Bethany Sibbitt

APhA-APPM SIG Preceptor Coordinator

David Steeb

APhA-APPM SIG Public Health Coordinator

Danielle Candelario

APhA-APPM SIG Transitions of Care Coordinator