Position Specification

Executive Vice President & Chief Executive Officer

The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) is the oldest association of pharmacists in the United States and is the only organization advancing the entire pharmacy profession. APhA leads the pharmacy profession by supporting pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists, student pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians in their role of optimizing medication use and patient health outcomes and ensuring all patients have access to pharmacists’ care. APhA does this through its strong and effective advocacy, top notch education, practice tools, and resources, dissemination of evidence, and opportunities for members to engage and learn from each other. APhA is the pharmacy voice at the table in developing national guidelines, policies, and best practices that advance the profession and patient care.

From its headquarters in Washington, D.C., APhA prepares members to thrive at every career stage and in every pharmacy setting with world-class continuing education, purposeful events, unique practice tools, and timely solutions to complex challenges. APhA is committed to helping them deliver outstanding patient care to all patients, receive due recognition, and work at a full scope of practice. Pharmacists play a critical role in helping patients overcome illness and live healthier lives through chronic disease management and the fully effective use of their medicines. APhA advocates at the national and state level to give pharmacists a voice in decisions that affect their future while promoting their undeniable value to health care teams. APhA’s goal is to facilitate pharmacists’ delivery of the highest quality patient-centered care.

APhA Mission

As the voice of pharmacy, APhA leads the profession and equips members for their role as the medication expert in team-based, patient-centered care. APhA will accomplish this by:

  • Advancing pharmacists’ optimal roles in team-based, patient-centered care.
  • Providing opportunities for professional development, recognition, differentiation, and leadership.
  • Disseminating timely relevant information and state-of-the-art tools and resources.
  • Raising societal awareness about the role of pharmacists as essential in-patient care for optimal medication use.
  • Creating unique opportunities for members to connect and share with peers across practice settings.

The Role

The next Executive Vice President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the American Pharmacists Association will be stepping into a highly-regarded organization with a rich tradition of advocacy and programmatic success. The CEO will serve as an inspirational leader and chief advocate for pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists, student pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and will work to ensure that APhA continues to be indispensable to its members.

The CEO reports to the Board of Trustees and is responsible for the overall management and leadership of APhA's activities. The CEO also oversees the activities of the APhA Foundation, the Board of Pharmacy Specialties and 2200 C Street LLC. The successful candidate will work closely with the Board to develop and implement APhA's future strategic vision and plan to advance the interests of the membership. The new CEO will be charged with leading this organization during a time of great change and evolution in health care delivery.

The CEO will also be responsible for the effective overall management of the organization and must oversee APhA's resources—both personnel and fiscal—in a competent and efficient manner. The Board of Trustees seeks a proven leader who will embrace providing value to its members, while leading and inspiring a talented staff and working to retain, motivate, develop, and, as necessary, recruit, an outstanding and diverse team. The CEO will be expected to foster and support a culture of collaboration, innovation and inclusion across the entire APhA staff, and should show an unwavering commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. This executive should model openness, transparency and mutual respect and should be viewed as accessible and approachable by all members of the team.

The CEO will play an important role in nurturing existing member relationships, while also developing a strategy for how to further diversify and continue to grow. The individual must demonstrate a servant-leader mentality with outstanding listening skills and an ability to place the needs of the members before their own personal goals. Further, the diverse nature of APhA's members, including pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists, student pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, from across a variety of practice settings, will require the CEO to be flexible, collaborative, and diplomatic. APhA's members are deeply committed to ensuring the highest quality patient-centered care, and the CEO must clearly demonstrate a shared belief in, and commitment to, the pharmacy profession.

The successful candidate must also drive the development of programmatic activities that will deliver maximum member benefit and ensure the long-term financial health of the organization. The CEO will need to gain an understanding of the strength, impact, and member-perceived value of existing programs and activities, ideally finding ways to enhance effectiveness, and recommending modifications as necessary. The CEO will also partner with the Board and staff to assess potential opportunities for new products and services, which could include, but are not limited to, the development of new revenue sources, partnerships or other avenues through which APhA can gain additional influence.

The next CEO will act as an external spokesperson and ambassador for the pharmacy profession and will be expected to actively engage with Congress, the Administration, and other relevant entities. This individual will be expected to enhance and further develop APhA's relationships with all key constituencies and stakeholders, including APhA's members, the medical and patient communities, aligned organizations, legislators and policy makers, opinion leaders, other business interests, the media, and the general public. As a result, the successful candidate must have the presence and substantive expertise to ensure that APhA continues to be viewed as a thought leader and influencer on issues important to the pharmacy profession. The CEO will be an extension of APhA's membership in the external market, as appropriate, and will work to build a more accurate and positive image of the important role its members play within our society. Such an image is reflective of APhA's genuine commitment to quality improvement in patient-centered care.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Management: Responsible for the effective conduct of affairs and the leadership of the APhA staff, including fulfillment of work programs aligned with a Board approved strategic plan and budget.
  • External Relations: Maintaining effective internal and external relations.
  • Financial Management: Ensure legal and financial integrity of the Association.
  • Policy and Governance: Execute such other responsibilities as may be stated in the APhA Bylaws and governing document of other APhA entities.
  • Board Relations: Responsible for the formulation of recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding the Association’s mission, goals and objectives, and related policies.

Candidate Profile

The APhA Board of Trustees seeks a proven strategic thought leader with excellent operational and management skills to partner with the Board in developing a long-term vision for APhA, the value proposition, and its business model. The CEO will be a business savvy leader with previous profit and loss responsibility and a track-record leading financial growth, including through the diversification of revenue streams; this executive will demonstrate successful fiscal management across organizations of similar scale and complexity.  The successful candidate will be an experienced manager who fosters a culture of collaboration and accountability across a high-performing, diverse team. They will embrace and advance APhA’s ongoing efforts to develop equitable policies and practices, facilitating the participation of its diverse, talented staff participate in shaping the organization’s workplace and future. This leader will be capable of driving organizational excellence by assessing and adapting the Association's organizational structure, processes, systems, and technology to ensure a high-functioning organization.

The ideal candidate will be an experienced change agent with demonstrated experience effectively driving evolutionary change that provides increased value to members and drives membership growth. This executive will be a natural relationship-builder and articulate spokesperson comfortable representing APhA and the pharmacy profession to a range of audiences.

The successful candidate will be a pharmacist with leadership in, and knowledge of, the field of pharmacy. This individual will have a well-developed understanding of the challenges facing the pharmacy profession and, ideally, experience across a range of practice settings and/or other leadership roles in the field.

In terms of the performance and personal competencies required for the position, we would highlight the following:

Relationships and Influence
  • Naturally connects and builds strong relationships with a range of stakeholders including existing and potential members, demonstrating strong emotional intelligence and an ability to adapt communications according to the audience.
  • Committed to advancing productive relationships with other membership organizations in the field of pharmacy, leading to increased opportunities for collaboration that will benefit the pharmacy profession.
  • An ability to inspire trust and followership in others through compelling influence, passion for the mission, and commitment to the pharmacy profession.
  • Comfortable sharing the spokesperson role with volunteer leaders and expert staff; visibly celebrates and supports the continued elevation of the pharmacy profession.
  • Inspires APhA members by creating a sense of community among the membership and engaging members and industry leaders in the mission of APhA.  
Driving Change and Strategic Leadership
  • A strategic thought leader who can partner with a volunteer board to develop a new long-term vision for APhA and drive thoughtful, incremental change toward the accomplishment of that vision.
  • Leverages knowledge of the field of pharmacy, the challenges and opportunities the pharmacy profession is facing, and data/input from a variety of sources to drive consensus for a strategy that optimizes APhA's value for members; incorporates viewpoints from all key stakeholders to drive decision making.
  • Ability to anticipate and forecast the competitive landscape and position APhA to address/mitigate possible threats while harnessing/maximizing opportunities.
  • An experienced change agent with the ability to effectively balance the desire/need for broad change with an understanding of how much change the organization is capable of handling, to create realistic goals and implementation plans that are achievable and successful.
  • An entrepreneurial and creative approach to developing new, innovative ideas that will stretch the organization and drive continued growth of field of pharmacy.
Executing for Results and Operational Excellence
  • Leads the staff in effectively executing APhA's strategy by setting clear goals with measurable metrics; tenacious and accountable in driving results, including financial growth.
  • The ability to adapt goals and objectives as the external environment changes and the field of pharmacy evolves; assesses, adapts, and implements 21st century technology, processes, and systems.
  • A leader who brings a high degree of integrity, transparency, and consistency to decision-making processes while always taking into account what is best for the organization and pharmacy profession.
Leading Effective Teams
  • The ability to attract and recruit top talent, motivate the team, delegate effectively, celebrate diversity within the team, and manage performance; widely viewed as a strong developer of others.
  • A strong organizational leader who can assess and align talent with the organization’s structure and current needs to ensure staff is well-positioned to deliver on goals and objectives.
  • Fosters a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion, while taking purposeful steps to recruit and retain a diverse workforce.
  • Exhibits commitment to higher standards and continued improvement by fostering a culture transparency, inclusion, accountability, and collaboration.

Nominations and Applications

Inquiries, nominations, and applications should be directed to:

The review of nominations and applications for the position will commence immediately and continue until the position is filled. Qualified and interested applicants should submit a resumé for confidential consideration. For fullest consideration, materials should be received as soon as possible and preferably by February 10.


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