Student Development Staff

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Keith D. Marciniak, RPh
Senior Director, Student & New Practitioner Development
800-237-2742, ext. 7595
Contact for:
     APhA-ASP Policy Process
     Chapter Advisors
     External Relations
     Generation Rx
     APhA Institute on Alcoholism and Drug Dependencies

Crystal Atwell, PharmD
Director, Student Development
800-237-2742, ext. 7586
Contact for:
     APhA Internships/Externships
     American Pharmacists Month (Student Activities)
     APhA-ASP Awards Program
     APhA-ASP Patient Care Projects 

Candice Allar, MS
Senior Manager, Student Development
800-237-2742, ext. 7543
Contact for:
     Chapter Advisors
     Chapter Taxes
     APhA-ASP Student Outreach Program
     APhA-ASP Patient Care Projects
     IPSF Activities

Lynette Hamilton Plowden
Manager, Student & New Practitioner Development
800-237-2742, ext. 7514
Contact for:
     APhA Meetings (Annual Meeting, Summer Leadership Institute, MRMs)
     APhA-ASP National Patient Counseling Competition
     APhA Senior Recognition Award Program
     Graduation Cords & APhA Lapel Pin Orders

Tom English
Director, New Practitioner Development
Editor, Student Pharmacist Magazine
800-237-2742, ext. 7551
Contact for:
     Student Pharmacist Magazine
     APhA New Practitioner Network
     New Practitioner Mentors
     New Practitioner Web page
     Spring Drive Rotation Life Presentation

LaToya Coles
Manager, Membership and Chapter Services (Membership Department)
800-237-2742, ext. 7509
Contact for:
     Fall Membership Drive
     Spring Membership Drive
     Chapter Membership Development



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