New Practitioner Network

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What is the APhA New Practitioner Network?

The mission of the APhA New Practitioner Network is to support the transition from student to pharmacist by helping new graduates discover opportunities in pharmacy, develop themselves and their professional network, and empower them with the knowledge and skills necessary to define the future of their profession.

The APhA New Practitioner Network provides programs, products, and services to assist you in making this transition and with your career development. The Network also provides reduced APhA dues, which enable you to pay discounted APhA dues for the first 3 years after you graduate. 

Get in touch with the NPN's Staff.

Preparing for your next step

The time has come for many New Practitioners and Residents to begin contemplating and preparing for the next steps in their career.

What makes our generation unique?

The world of pharmacy is a dynamic place. Patients’ expectations, technology, the way we provide care, our scope of practice, and the pharmacy workforce all change over time.

Jot this down

According to its website, JotForm ( was the first web-based WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) form builder.

Evidence-based practice protects against litigation

Whether preparing and dispensing medications, counseling patients, or providing diverse patient care services, pharmacists need to ensure that the services and care they provide is supported by th

Financial Planning Resource Center

As part of our relationship with FPA, APhA New Practitioners have easy access to FPA’s popular online financial planner referral program, PlannerSearch.