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Pharmacists are the medication experts on America’s healthcare team. The pharmacist is uniquely qualified to help patients take charge of their health care by making wise choices regarding their medication use. Pharmacists are experts in helping patients get the most out of today’s complicated medications. They are an integrated member of the health care team and are directly involved in patient care.

The APhA Media Advisors and staff pharmacists can help reporters, editors and producers make sense of pharmacist clinical services, over-the-counter products, prescription medications, vitamin and herbal supplements, as well as many other topics. These pharmacists are ready to help develop stories about medication use and how the pharmacist helps improve patient health and reduce health care costs.

Pharmacists and the media can get up-to-date with the latest APhA and pharmacy profession news in our our news release section.

For more information, please contact: 

Chad Clinton
Associate Director, Public Relations






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