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I know that most pharmacists read APhA’s flagship publication, Pharmacy Today, but I was thrilled to learn that psychologists read our publication too! In an August 2015 blog entry, a well-known friend of pharmacy, Pat DeLeon, PhD, former Chief of Staff to Senator Daniel Inouye and President of...
Promoting the pharmacy profession is one of the cornerstones of APhA. We have put a lot of energy and time into the provider status initiative over the last 4 years, and our efforts are showing significant signs of progress! But I wanted to share with you some of the other ways APhA supports and...
If you know someone worthy of recognition OR if you’ve ever wanted to get involved in APhA, NOW is the time to act. We’re a highly member-driven organization. Volunteers lead APhA, and our staff works very hard to execute the vision and plans of these volunteers. We like to hold up the examples...
Earlier this year, APhA brought together national pharmacy and medicine leaders to explore and enhance the optimal use of omega-3 fish oil products for the treatment of patients with very high triglycerides (VHTG). The advisory board solicited input from multidisciplinary experts to build...
In May, the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals ruled that people with drug addictions can sue pharmacists, physicians, and other dispensers and prescribers of pain medications for contributing to their addiction and criminal activity. I know a lot of very frustrated pharmacists who want to do...
Pharmacogenomics (PGx) has become an important part of patient care. PGx is the name for the concept that we can “personalize” medicine and give each patient the right drug at the right dose at the right time based on their unique genetic make-up. The Pharmacy Health Information Technology (HIT)...
In March, the Patient Access to Pharmacists Care Coalition (PAPCC) launched a media initiative to promote the role of pharmacists in seniors’ care to raise awareness about, and increase support for, provider status legislation. The goal of the media campaign, which includes radio and print ads, is...
In 2009, shortly after rejoining the APhA staff, I met Jan Scruggs. He lives near me in Annapolis. Since our first meeting, I am proud to call him a good friend, and grateful that in addition to a life of service to our country, he also served on the APhA Foundation Board of Directors. What you...
Over the last few months, APhA members have been out in full force advocating for the federal provider status legislation, H.R. 592 and S. 314, the Pharmacy and Medically Underserved Areas Enhancement Act. These encounters were focused on garnering additional sponsors of the legislation or...
Oregon is used to having trailblazers on the basketball court—and now Oregon pharmacists are trailblazers, too, by expanding patient access to pharmacists’ care services! Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed into law landmark legislation that establishes provider status for Oregon pharmacists,...