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As I hinted to you earlier this week, there was a lot of big news on the provider status front in the past few days. While many exciting activities are going on, I am proud to be writing about the introduction of provider status bills in the U.S. House of Representatives and in the U.S. Senate! ...
In every news program you watch or listen to, there’s a “tease” right before the commercial break about the next story. That’s how they keep our attention. I’m not sharing this just to tease, but to inform. The entire pharmacy profession will have big news to cheer about in the next day or two....
January brings us a new session of Congress as well as optimism to our profession’s pursuit of federal provider status legislation. We ended the last session of Congress with 123 cosponsors for pharmacy provider status legislation—H.R. 4190—which we expect to be reintroduced soon, thus receiving a...
During President Obama’s State of the Union address on January 20, CVS Health President and CEO Larry Merlo sat in the box with Michelle Obama and was recognized by the president. During his speech, the president made a direct reference to CVS Health, drawing attention to the pharmacy chain’s work...
Yesterday, the National Governors Association (NGA) released a report that draws attention to the important role of pharmacists as members of integrated health care teams. This is a significant addition to the list of government and nongovernment entities recognizing the value of pharmacists and...
APhA has heard there’s concern about CMS’s recent Medicare Learning Network guidance requiring physicians and other eligible professionals who write prescriptions for Medicare Part D drugs or supplies to be enrolled in an approved status or to have a valid opt-out affidavit on file by a deadline...
On November 17, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) released Final Report: Medication Therapy Management Interventions in Outpatient Settings, as reported in our news story on pharmacist.com. This report, a systematic review of the evidence for pharmacists’ medication therapy...
On Monday, October 27, I headed to Little Rock, Arkansas, at the invitation of APhA–APPM President and Trustee Nicki Hilliard, PharmD, BCNP. During this trip I had the chance to interact with a number of students from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) College of Pharmacy. Over...
On October 16, APhA hosted St. John’s University 34th Annual Insider’s View of the Capital Program. Laura Cranston, BSPharm, of the Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) led an eventful day of programs centered on the careers and opportunities that await new pharmacy graduates. The first discussion, “...
It is my great pleasure to congratulate fellow pharmacist and Georgia state Sen. Buddy Carter on his election to Congress. With a pharmacist in Congress, I am confident that our nation’s health care policy will turn toward providing consumers with access and coverage for pharmacists’ patient care...